Using the DB2 Advanced Copy Services Interface for IntelliSnap

You can perform application consistent IntelliSnap operations that use the DB2 Advanced Copy Services (ACS) interface.

When you use this interface for an IntelliSnap backup, the Commvault software registers the IntelliSnap backup with the DB2 application catalog.

For more information about the DB2 ACS feature, go to the DB2 website, Advanced Copy Services.


  1. Configure a DB2 Client for IntelliSnap.
  2. Add or discover a DB2 instance.
  3. Create a backup set.
  4. Create a subclient.


Perform a full backup.


You can perform the following in-place restore operations:

Note: If you want to restore to a new host and use the DB2 Advanced Copy Services (ACS) feature, the destination instance name and the destination database name must match the source instance name and the database name. The destination database must be in the same location as the source database.

Last modified: 7/26/2018 2:40:27 PM