Backup Copy for IntelliSnap Backup for the NDMP Agent

A backup copy operation provides the capability to copy snapshots of the data to any media. Backup copy is useful for creating additional copies of data and can be performed during the IntelliSnap backup or at a later time.


  • MediaAgents
    • NAS processes are performed by the MediaAgent assigned from the storage policy primary copy.
    • If proxy MediaAgents are configured, then the MediaAgent that belongs to the storage policy takes precedent. If there are no storage policy MediaAgents configured as proxies, then the MediaAgent with the most available resources performs the operation. If there are multiple data paths configured in the storage policy, the Resource Manager selects the MediaAgent to use. If there is no MediaAgent configured as a proxy, the Resource Manager selects a storage policy MediaAgent to use for the job.
  • Spool copy: If the primary snap copy is configured as a spool copy (copy with no retention rules), for most vendors the snapshots is automatically deleted after the backup copy operation completes successfully. For NetApp and Isilon NAS data, one job is always retained.
  • Incremental backup copies
    • Most file servers limit the number of incremental backups that you can perform. When you reach this limit, the next scheduled incremental backup copy is automatically converted to a differential backup copy job.
    • Huawei storage servers: Incremental backup copy operations must be run inline. For information about running inline backup copy operations, see Configuring and Running the Inline Backup Copy Operation.

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