Configuring Oracle Log Backups from the Command Line

If you want to create a subclient for Log backups on multiple instances or clients instead of navigating to each client and creating the subclients, then, use this qscript.


  1. From the command prompt, logon to the CommServe using the qlogin command.

    Example: To log on to CommServe commserve.commcell.com with user name user1:

    qlogin -cs commserve.commcell.com -u user1


  2. Run the command to create a subclient.

    D:\>qcreate sub client -cs commserve.commcell.com -c client_name -a Q_ORACLE -i auto -n "NEWlog" -sp "data_storage_policy" -f "auto"

  3. Run the command to disable Data option.

    D:\>qoperation execscript -sn SetSubClientProperty.sql -si 'c=client' -si 'a=Q_ORACLE' -si 'i=auto' -si 'b=default' -si 's=NEWlog' -si 'Oracle Backup Mode' -si '1' -si '2'

  4. Run the command to disable Backup Control File option.

    D:\>qoperation execscript -sn SetSubClientProperty.sql -si 'c=client' -si 'a=Q_ORACLE' -si 'i=auto' -si 'b=default' -si 's=NEWlog' -si 'Backup Control Files' -si '0' -si '2'

  5. Run the command to disable Delete Archive log option.

    D:\>qoperation execscript -sn SetSubClientProperty.sql -si 'c=client' -si 'a=Q_ORACLE' -si 'i=auto' -si 'b=default' -si 's=NEWlog' -si 'Archive Log Deleting' -si '0' -si '2'

For more information about the parameters and arguments, see qscript.

Last modified: 8/28/2018 3:08:06 PM