Configuring Job Restartability at the CommServe Level

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Home tab, and then click Control Panel.
  2. In the Data section, click Job Management.

    The Job Management dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Job Restarts tab, select the job information.
    • In the Job Type box, select the job that you want set the restart capability for (for example, for DB2 backup jobs, select DB2 Data Protection).
    • Select the Restartable check box.
    • Optional: to change the maximum number of times that the Job Manager tries to restart a job, in the Max Restarts box, select the number of times.
    • Optional: to change the time interval between attempts for the Job Manager to restart the job, in the Restart Interval (Mins) box, select the number of minutes.
  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 6/5/2019 6:17:18 AM