Additional Configuration Required for Offline Mirror on the Production Server:

You can complete the offline mirror configuration


  1. Create an Oracle password file using the following command.

    orapwd file=<ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/orapw<DBSID> password=<SYS password> entries=10


    oracle@tigersnap 10g]$ orapwd file=/home/oracle/product/10g/dbs/orapwCER password=manager entries=10 force=Y

  2. Configure the remote_login_passwordfile parameter to exclusive in the init<DBSID>.ora profile.
  3. Authorize the system user with SYSOPER authorization in the production server.
  4. Start the SQLPLUS as user SYS and execute the Oracle command:

    If needed, change the password for the system user.

    SQL> connect / as sysdba SQL> grant sysoper to system;

    Change the password for the system user:

    SQL> alter user system identified by <password>;

Last modified: 9/4/2018 6:34:20 PM