Skip Cataloging for File System IntelliSnap

Depending on many factors, such as the number of files on the file server volume, the cataloging operation might be resource intensive. Skipping the cataloging operation during backups results in faster  IntelliSnap backup jobs. You can run the cataloging phase during off-peak times as a separate job on the storage policy.

If you skip cataloging during IntelliSnap backups, you can later run cataloging on the IntelliSnap backup jobs, or you can use the backup copy of the IntelliSnap job for cataloging and moving the job to media. To configure cataloging to run later, see Configuring a Storage Policy for Cataloging Snapshots.

To restore data, you can perform a live browse from the snapshot.

Important: Skip cataloging is supported for clients using Indexing Version 2. For more information on Indexing Version 2, see Indexing Version 2: Overview.


  • In a backup cycle, if some of the IntelliSnap backup jobs are cataloged and some are not, then the backup copy operation of the IntelliSnap backup job that is cataloged might back up additional data.
  • For the traditional scan method, the files deleted or renamed in the current snapshot are not marked as deleted in the index during the backup copy operation.
  • Block-level backups do not support deferred cataloging.
  • Skip catalog and live browse features are not supported by the Commvault MEDITECH solution.

Last modified: 3/10/2018 9:33:41 PM