Identifying Virtual Machine Owners Automatically

Virtual machine owners can be assigned automatically during virtual machine discovery, based on privileges and roles defined in vCenter that indicate rights to virtual machines. When this feature is enabled, users and user groups who have appropriate capabilities in vCenter and are also defined in the CommCell interface are automatically assigned as VM owners in the client computer properties for the virtual machine.

This feature enables administrators and end users to access virtual machine data without requiring that they be assigned as VM owners manually. Depending on the permissions and role a user has in vCenter, they can view virtual machine data or recover VM data. Any user with Remove VM, VM Power On, and VM Power Off capabilities for a virtual machine will be assigned as an owner of that VM during VM discovery.

Owner IDs are only assigned during discovery for a streaming or IntelliSnap backup, and are not modified by backup copy or auxiliary copy operations.

vCloud Support

In addition to identifying virtual machine owners based on vCenter roles and privileges, Commvault identifies vCloud users and groups as VM owners. If the Auto Detect VM Owner option is selected in the Advanced Options tab of the subclient properties, the following users and groups are automatically assigned as VM owners:

  • Owner of the vApp or catalog that contains the VM
  • All users who have Full Control permissions to the vApp or catalog that contains the VM
  • All users and groups that are assigned the Organization Administrator role

vCloud users are mapped with Commvault users if a user entry with the same name is defined in Commvault. Groups imported from an LDAP source are mapped to external groups defined for a domain in Commvault.

Before You Begin

  • Single sign on must be  enabled on the vCenter and required vCenter capabilities must be configured for users and groups.
  • Users or user groups defined in vCenter must also be defined in the CommCell interface, either through a local user definition or a Name Server user definition (such as an Active Directory user or group).


  1. Right-click the subclient and click Properties.
  2. In the Subclient Properties dialog box, click the Advanced Options tab.
  3. Select Auto Detect VM Owner.
  4. Click OK.

If client creation fails for any virtual machine, no owners are assigned for that VM.

Last modified: 2/6/2018 8:05:41 PM