Converting Virtual Machine Disks

As part of the process of restoring virtual machine disk files, you can convert disks to a new format:

  • VMware virtual machine disks in the VMDK format can be converted to VHD or VHDX.
  • Hyper-V disks in the VHDX format can be converted to VMDK or VHD.

After converting a disk, you can attach it to an existing VM or use it to create a new VM. Disk conversion can be used to move data from one platform to another, or as the first step in migrating a virtual machine from one platform to another.

Virtual machines created from converted disks can be backed up and restored using the same processes as virtual machines created directly in VMware or Hyper-V.


  • Disk conversion is supported for both Windows and Linux VMs and for disks using thin or thick disk provisioning, and can be initiated from full or incremental backup jobs.
  • Disk conversion is not supported from differential backups, or for virtual machines with multiple snapshots.
  • You can initiate a disk conversion when performing a Browse and Restore operation on a subclient from a full, synthetic full, or incremental backup job.

    Note: Instead of browsing a subclient, you can also view backup history and select a specific backup job to browse for a disk; but when using this method you can only initiate a disk conversion from a full or synthetic full backup job.

Last modified: 2/5/2018 8:48:34 PM