Editing a Replication Schedule

You can edit a replication schedule to change the timing for replication or to specify a different datastore, transport mode, or overwrite option.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that the that the destination ESX server is able to communicate with the source storage array. 
  • Currently, Job Restartability is not supported.
  • If the destination VM is migrated to a different location, add the nAllowLiveSyncEditConfig additional setting on the CommServe system to enable modifying the datastore for the destination VM in an existing replication schedule, as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.












  1. Right-click the backup set and select View > Schedules.

    For replication schedules, the Type is Site Replication.

  2. Right-click the replication schedule and select Edit.

    To delete a schedule, right-click the schedule and select Delete; then confirm the deletion.

  3. Make changes as needed to the replication schedule on the Schedule Pattern tab.
  4. Click the General tab to display configuration settings for the schedule. The table in the center of the tab shows information for each virtual machine, with virtual disks shown under each VM. You can make changes to the following options on the General tab:
    • To remove a virtual machine from a schedule that contains multiple VMs, select the virtual machine and click Remove VMs. After a virtual machine is removed, it no longer appears on the Replication Monitor.

      If a schedule only includes one virtual machine, you can delete the schedule to remove the VM from replication operations.

    • To add a virtual machine, click Add and provide configuration settings for the VM as described in Configuring Live SyncReplication.
    • To update disk information for the source VM, click Refresh Disks.
    • Proxy Client
    • Datastore (You can only change this value for disks added since the last replication operation.)
    • Transport Mode
    • Validate Destination VM (Power On & OFF)
    • To modify network connections or IP addresses, select one or more virtual machines and click Configure. You cannot change any other information for a virtual machine that was already included on the schedule.
  5. To replicate changes from an auxiliary copy or backup copy:
    1. Click Advanced
    2. In the Advanced Live Sync Options dialog box, click the Copy Precedence tab.
    3. Select Restore from copy precedence and enter the number of the storage copy properties for the auxiliary copy or backup copy.

    When replication is configured to use an auxiliary copy or backup copy, the replication operation uses the copy as the source rather than the primary backup.

Unless you have created the nAllowLiveSyncEditConfig additional setting as described above, you cannot change any other values for the schedule. To specify other replication options, you can also configure a new schedule as described in Configuring Replication.

Last modified: 3/1/2021 8:57:51 PM