Array Access Nodes for a Storage Array

Applies to: All storage arrays

You can configure additional MediaAgents as array access nodes in order to perform operations on storage arrays.


The MediaAgent on the source client performs operations such as pruning or reconciliation. If you want to use other MediaAgents in your environment, you can configure those MediaAgents as array access nodes. When you configure MediaAgents as array access nodes, the array access node can perform the following:

  • Prune snapshots and become the failover MediaAgent that performs the snapshot pruning operation on the array when the source MediaAgent is offline.
  • Bypass the source MediaAgent on the array client in order to load balance operations across multiple MediaAgents for the snapshot pruning operation.
  • Create secondary snapshot copies for the replication feature with the auxiliary copy operation.
  • For the NetApp array only:
    • Create secondary snapshot copies for the NetApp Open Replication feature with the auxiliary copy operation.
    • Clean up OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) relationships.

Detection of the Storage Array

For the following arrays, if you specify an array access node, when you add the array in Array Management, the array is detected along with the array access node. If the MediaAgent in the access node runs the Commvault software that is older than SP18, then the Commserve computer performs the detection.

  • Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale
  • Dell EMC Unity
  • Dell EMC VNX / Celerra
  • Hitachi HNAS
  • Huawei
  • NetApp

This detection method is useful if the CommServe computer does not have direct access to the storage array.

Last modified: 10/25/2019 7:57:29 PM