Configure an Alternate Computer for Launching Stand-Alone Add-Ins

You can setup an alternate computer to access stand-alone Add-In components, such as the Outlook and Lotus Notes Add-Ins.

The alternate computer must have the CommCell Console installed and Internet Information Service (IIS) enabled.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Control Panel.
  2. Under Maintenance, click Email, Web and FTP Server.
  3. On the Web Server tab, click the Use Alternate Web Server URL for Add-in check box.
  4. In the Web Server URL box, type the path to the alternate computer web alias. Enter the path as follows: http://<alternate_computer_iis_server_name>/<web_alias>

    Note: The computer specified in this option is also used as the source for obtaining Java updates for Outlook and Lotus Notes Add-In clients.

  5. Click OK.

Last modified: 10/17/2019 8:17:58 PM