CommCell Cleanup Report Overview

The CommCell Cleanup Report displays unused entities in the CommCell environment, such as disabled clients, storage policies with no associations, unused subclient policies, and arrays with orphaned snapshots. This report can help you find unused entities and remove or repair them to improve CommCell performance.

Unused entities that appear in this report include:

  • Clients and Client Groups
  • Subclients
  • MediaAgents and Arrays
  • Storage Resources
  • Alerts
  • Policies
  • Security

These entity types are further categorized by specific problem and color-coded to indicate the severity of the issue. Each subcategory includes a details table that lists the specific entities with these issues.

Where To Access The Report

You must download this report from the Commvault Store, and then you can view the report in the Command Center and the Web Console.

Last modified: 4/29/2019 5:59:13 PM