Data Views for the Disk Library Utilization Report

This report includes a chart and a table that display information about the percentage of used and free space in disk libraries.

Top 25 Disk Libraries with Low Disk Space

This chart displays the top 25 disk libraries with the lowest percentage of available disk space.

Details of Mount Paths

This table includes information about the total capacity of each mount path, including used and free space.



CommCell Name

Name of the CommCell associated with the disk library.

Library Name

Name of the disk library.

Mount Path Name

Name of the mount path for the disk library.


Indicates whether the disk library is online or offline.

Free Space (GB)

Amount of free storage space in gigabytes.

Total Capacity (GB)

Total amount of space in gigabytes.

Used Space (GB)

Amount of consumed storage space in gigabytes.

Free Space (%)

dPercentage of free space.

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