Health Report: Copy Redundancy

This report displays all clients, the number of redundant backup copies, the number of days that copies have fallen behind, and the settings configured for Copy Redundancy and Maximum Number of Fallen Behind Days at the CommCell level.

CommCell Details

This table lists each subclient, the number of copies, the number of days fallen behind, the required limits, and whether the client met or missed Copy Redundancy.




Name of the client.


Type of agent.


Name of the instance.

Backup Set

Name of the backup set.


Name of the subclient.

Redundant Copies

Number of auxiliary copies created for the subclient.

Days Fallen Behind

Number of days that there have not been enough auxiliary copies.

Copy Redundancy Required

Number of auxiliary copies required, as configured in the Copy Redundancy setting at the CommCell level.

Copy Behind Days Allowed

Maximum number of days that the number of auxiliary copies is allowed to fall behind, as configured in the Maximum Number of Fallen Behind Days setting at the CommCell level.

Client Status

Indicates whether the client has met or missed the Copy Redundancy setting.

Client Groups

The client group associated with the client, if applicable.

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