Health Report: Index State

This report lists when the last backup job ran and when it was last indexed for each backup set in the CommCell environment.

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the Index State tile, click View Details .




    The client computer where the backup set is located.


    The type of agent.

    Backup Set

    The backup set that was backed up.

    Index Type

    The type of indexing used, for example, Classic.

    Index Server

    The index server.

    Last Backup Time

    The date and time the most recent successful index backup job ran.

    Last Index Update

    The date and time the most recent backup job was indexed.


    If the index is in critical status, the related error description.


    Indicates the status of the index for each backup set:

    • Good: the index is up-to-date.
    • Warning: the index is behind in consuming backup jobs. Even if only one job is behind, the index is in warning state
    • Critical: there was an error in an index backup job. Even if there is only one backup job error, the index is critical state.

      To view the parameters for the different status types, click on any value in the Status column.

    DB Name

    The GUID for the database.

Last modified: 9/18/2019 8:43:47 PM