Data Views for the Index State Report

The Index State Report includes a chart and table that display information about the state of index servers in the CommCell environment.

Current Index State

This chart displays the percentage of the selected index servers and client groups with indexes in good, warning, and critical status:

  • Good: The index is up-to-date.
  • Warning: The index is behind in consuming backup jobs. Even if only one job is behind, the index is in warning state
  • Critical: There was an error in an index backup job. Even if there is only one backup job error, the index is critical state.

The following image is an example of the Current Index State chart:


This table lists the last index backup time for each backup set, based on the selected index servers and client groups.



Data Source

Name of the CommServe computer.

Index Server

Name of the index server.


Name of the client computer.

Backup Set

Name of the backup set.


Unique identifier for the index database.

Last Backup Time

Date and time the last index backup job ran.

Last Index Update

Date and time the last backup job was indexed.


State of the associated index. Can be Good, Warning, or Critical.


Reason for failures and errors, if applicable.


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