Scheduling Reports on the CommCell Console

You can schedule reports to generate according to the options that you configure and then save the report or email it to the recipients who you specify.

Before You Begin

  • Your CommCell user account must be assigned to a role that has the Report Management permission.
  • To view report data for an entity, your CommCell user account must have an association with that entity.

    For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.


  1. In the CommCell Console, on the Reports tab, click the button for the report that you want to schedule.

    The Report Selection dialog box appears.

  2. On the available tabs, configure any of the options for the specified report.
  3. At the bottom of the Report Selection dialog box, click the Schedule button.
  4. On the Schedule Pattern tab, configure the details for the schedule:
    • In the Schedule Name box, enter a name for the schedule.
    • Select the interval at which you want the report to run: One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
    • In the Start Time box, type the time of day when you want the report generation to begin.
    • Under Repeat, specify the exact times and days that you want the report to run.
  5. On the Notification tab, configure options for emailing copies of the report and specify the users who receive a copy of the report.
    • To generate the report so that it includes information only for the entities that are visible to each specified user, select Send individual emails.
    • To send the report to recipients outside of the CommCell environment, in the E-Mail to Recipients box, enter an email address.

    For more information about the options on the Notifications tab, see Options on the Notification Tab in the Schedule Details Dialog Box.

  6. Click Ok.

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