Cloning a Report Template on CommCell Console

If you want to make a report template with similar settings, you can clone the report template.

Before You Begin

  • Your CommCell user account must be assigned to a role that has the Report Management permission.
  • To view report data for an entity, your CommCell user account must have an association with that entity.

For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, go to Reports | My Reports | General.

    The General tab appears in the CommCell Console.

  2. In the General tab, right-click the name of the report that you want to clone, and then select Edit.

    The Saved Reports dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Job Initiation tab, and then select Saved Report.
  4. Select Clone this report as, and then enter a name in the box.
  5. Click OK.

    The cloned report appears in the General tab.

Last modified: 11/2/2018 7:15:28 PM