Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Types of Jobs Count as Failed in the Consecutive Job Failure Report?

The types of jobs that count as failed (strikes) include the following:

  • Failed jobs. The reason for the job's failure is included in the report output.
  • Killed jobs.
  • Partially completed backup jobs for NAS, DB, and Exchange.
  • Jobs with a "No Run" status. No Run status is applied to jobs that were assigned a Job ID, but could not run because another job was running at the same time.

What is Excluded from the Consecutive Job Failure Report?

The following are excluded from the Consecutive Job Failure Report:

  • Subclients with backup disabled.
  • By default, Synthetic Full backup jobs. However, you can set the report to include Synthetic Full backup jobs when you set the countSynthFull parameter to 1.

How Are Failed Backups Calculated in the Consecutive Job Failure Report?

The backup window spans a 24-hour period. The report begins at the time that you specify on the previous day and ends at the same time today. The number of backup failures is counted according to the number of days since the first job failure that occurred after the last completed job.

Last modified: 8/16/2018 6:50:35 PM