CommCell Configuration Report Overview

The CommCell Configuration Report Provides a high-level view of the settings that are configured for the CommCell, including properties, alerts, users/user groups, agents, storage policies, etc.

You can use the CommCell Configuration Report to review a wide range of CommCell contents, settings, and properties. This report is useful if you need to know:

  • The number of computers installed in the CommCell, information about CommCell users and user groups, and information about each MediaAgent and library.
  • Client information such as enabled and disabled operations, defined operation rules, installed clients, and subclient contents and filters.
  • Subclient policy information, including the number of streams for a subclientadmin.
  • Whether backup data has been configured for block level Deduplication and scheduled data protection information for each subclient.
  • The types of licenses available in the CommCell, the installation date for each license type, and the expiration date of each license.
  • Alerts that are configured in the CommCell.
  • Registry Keys, or Additional Settings, configured in the CommServe computer.
  • Information for remote software caches, including the client name, software cache path, version, and status.
  • Software version, service pack numbers, package types, and hotfixes installed on client computers.
  • Each mailbox per subclient for common mailbox agents including the Exchange Mailbox and Archiver Agents.
  • Whether the use of QSnap or VSS was selected through subclient properties.
  • The account used for backup operations by SQL Server iDataAgents or Exchange iDataAgents that require an Exchange Administrator account.
  • The job completion rate for the last 24 hours at the CommCell, MediaAgent, and Library levels.
  • The name, operations and the properties of the Automated Content Classification Policy.
  • Data Encryption, Content Indexing and Search, Deduplication, copy attributes such as Inline Copy, Selective Copies, Aux Copy with Combined Streams, de-Spool Copy, media that uses the Erase media on prune feature as described in Erase Spare Media, and when Data Multiplexing is enabled.

Last modified: 3/6/2018 6:45:14 PM