File Level Analytics - Command Line - XML

This approach to running File-Level Analytics commands is the preferred method for obtaining this information. It gives you greater flexibility and returns more information than the older, CSV-based approach.

Querying Indexes for Data

You can browse information about backed-up files by running queries against the index. Querying indexes lets you get information about files without having to touch the actual files. This gives flexibility in analyzing your backed-up data, and efficiency in obtaining the information you need. The XML Query Examples section of this page describes index query templates we provide, and the optional parameters they support.

The XML templates presented here provide examples of what can be done using XML-based queries. They are meant as starting points for your own queries. Each example builds on the ones before it, so we recommend reading through them in order if you are new to the subject.

Two basic kinds of query return names of one or more files. These are Browse and Find, which correspond to those same operations you can perform through the CommCell Console. The other operation described here, Versions, returns a list of available versions of a file that you name.

Supported Platforms

The XML-based queries described here use the qlist backupfiles command, and are supported for all agents.

Last modified: 12/14/2018 8:49:34 PM