Jobs in Storage Policy Copies Report Overview

The Jobs in Storage Policy Copies Report displays information about data protection jobs that are associated with the specified storage policy copies. The report output includes information only for clients and entities that your user account is associated with.

You can use the Jobs in Storage Policy Copies Report to review information to operations that run in each storage policy copy. This report is useful if you need to know:

  • Detailed information regarding the jobs that reside on each storage policy copy, including the client, backup set, instance, subclient, and data size
  • Whether a job has been picked for data verification
  • Whether or not the job is enabled with Data Integrity Validation
  • The history and status of data verification for each job
  • Whether a job is to be copied to the copy (from another source copy), or if the job has already been copied
  • Jobs with data encryption and deduplication
  • The media that is associated with each job
  • The jobs that are retained using extended retention rules
  • The amount of data that is not copied per job
  • Legal Hold data protection jobs associated with the storage policy copies

Last modified: 3/6/2018 8:30:44 PM