Job Schedule Report Overview

The Job Schedule Report displays a list of jobs that are set up to run in the CommCell during specific time periods.

You can use the Job Schedule Report to review information related to operations that are scheduled to run in the CommCell. This report is useful if you need to know:

  • Scheduled job occurrences that will start during a specified time period
  • The time zone that each jobs uses
  • The comprehensive report summary of a particular job in the report
  • Detailed information on scheduled jobs, including job options, schedule patterns, and next scheduled time

There are two types of Job Schedule reports: the Job Schedule: Interval Report and the Job Schedule: List Report. This report presents the data in the following sections:

  1. In the Report Selection dialog box, select any of the available options.
  2. Click Run.

    The report appears in your default Web browser.

Last modified: 3/6/2018 8:36:40 PM