Library and Drive Report Overview

The Library and Drive Report provides information about the storage libraries and drives within the CommCell, including the number of libraries, their capacity, and the amount of space left. You can use the Library and Drive Report to review information related to the libraries and drives in a CommCell. This report is useful if you need to know:

  • The libraries and drives you have configured
  • Hardware information, such as the model, barcode reader, and capacity
  • The controlling MediaAgent, SCSI ID, status, and error counts
  • The mount path information for disk libraries
  • The library attribute settings for the drive and media
  • The job completion rate for the last 24 hours in each library
  • Scale and performance information for the last 1 hour and 24 hours
  • Details for cloud storage libraries including name, amount of data uploaded, and amount of data downloaded

Last modified: 3/6/2018 8:42:58 PM