Viewing the License Summary Report

You can generate the License Summary Report in the CommCell Console.

Before You Begin

  • For security reasons, this report is available only to CommCell Administrators. Your CommCell user account must be a member of the Master user group and have a CommCell-level association to view this report.
  • To allow non administrative users to view this report, you can configure an additional setting. For instructions, see Enabling the License Summary Report for Non-administrative Users.
    • To view this report, non-administrative users must also be assigned to a role with the Report Management permission and associated with the following entities:
      • Client computer
      • Client computer group
  • In this report, users can see information only for the clients they are associated with.


  1. On the CommCell Console ribbon, select the Reports tab, and then click License Summary.
  2. In the Report Selection dialog box, on the General tab, select any of the available options to configure report output:
    • To view usage details for capacity license types in the Front End Capacity Usage Details table, select Include Capacity Details.
    • To view imported jobs, such as EDC jobs, select Include Imported Jobs (EDC and other cells).
    • To view usage details for virtual machines, virtual machine sockets, Edge users, archived mailboxes, content indexed objects, and Application Class Virtual machines in the Usage Based License Details table, select any of the following options:
      • VM
      • VM Socket
      • Users
      • Archived Mailbox
      • Content Indexing
      • Application Class Virtual
      • Mailbox Archive Solution
    • To view information about agent and feature licenses, in the Agent and Feature License Details table, select Include Agent License Details.
    • To include clients with evaluation licenses in the Agent and Feature License Details table, select Include Evaluation License Count.
    • To configure the size unit for the data that appears in the report, select Size Unit, and then select a unit from the list.
  3. Click Run.

    The report appears in your default Web browser.

Last modified: 10/27/2020 7:42:17 PM