Troubleshooting for Reports

Table of Contents

63161: Aux Copy Job Summary Report Fail

Troubleshooting - 63427: Synthetic full jobs do not appear in the classic Backup Job Summary report

RPT0007: Error Code: [12057] Authentication Failed

Cannot Log Into Commvault Store

Attempt to Log On to the Web Console fails Authentication

Report Data Displays Incorrectly in Microsoft Excel

Blank Email Received for Scheduled Report

WEB0003: The Web Console or Commvault mobile applications do not work.

REP0001: No Data Appears in Reports on an Private Metrics Reporting Server with MS SQL Server 2012

The Chargeback Report - Subclients Table Loads Slowly

No Email Received or Reports Do Not Appear After CommCell Registration

Reactivating Uploads From a V9 CommServe to the Cloud Services Website

Private Metrics Reporting Server is Using an Internet Gateway That Was Not Set

RPT0009: Metrics Reporting Data is Not Uploading to the Cloud

RPT0003: Non-English PDF attachments appear corrupt

File Distribution and Analysis Charts Do Not Appear for Primary Storage Reports

Reports Do Not Generate

Text Output for Reports Opens with Corrupt Characters

CommCell Readiness Report Error Codes and Solutions

Reports Are Not Printing in Color

Need to Open Reports in a Separate Browser Window (Need to Open Reports in the Same Browser Window)

Scheduled Reports Do Not Email

You might encounter some of the following errors when you use reports in the CommCell environment.

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