Attempt to Log On to the Web Console fails Authentication

If the Web Server cannot communicate with the CommServe database, your attempt to log on to Web Console might fail with the error message: "Invalid userid or password".


Web Console returns "Invalid userid or password" when you have tried to log in using a valid user ID and password.


This can happen if the Web Server cannot communicate with the CommServe database, which provides authentication data to it.

The CommServe database can be separated from the Web Server by a firewall. The CommServe database's SQL Server instance can be configured to use dynamic TCP ports, in which case the ports are assigned by the operating system when SQL Server starts. With this arrangement, if the SQL Server restarts, it can get different port assignments than it had when the firewall was originally queried and configured. If the firewall is configured to allow traffic only for those dynamic ports that were assigned when the SQL Server was queried, and those assignments have been changed by a service restart, communication through the firewall is lost, and the authentication fails.


Change the SQL Server to use static ports, then set those ports on the firewall. See Configuring Access to Reports Using TPPM for this procedure.

Last modified: 9/16/2020 6:29:07 PM