System Discovery Tool for Virtual Machines Overview

The System Discovery tool collects information about virtual machines for your hypervisor and creates a Virtual Machine Analytics Report. This report can be used for predictive analysis of backup size and capacity requirements.

The tool is a non-intrusive and highly secure external utility that does not  make any changes to your hypervisor configurations. This tool can collect virtual machine information for the following hypervisors:


Microsoft Hyper-V

Amazon EC2

Microsoft Azure

How It Works

Log in to download the tool. The tool runs a discovery job that analyzes virtual machine data for the hypervisor and creates a Zip file that contains the results. 

After the job is complete, the contents of the Zip file are analyzed and can be used to create the following reports:

  1. Virtual Machine Infrastructure Report
  2. Virtual Machine Analytics Report (VMware only).

    The report also includes VM archiving prediction with projected storage space and cost saving.

You can generate the reports locally or upload the collected data to Cloud Services.

Note: If necessary, you can request a temporary account for Cloud Services from your Account Representative. The temporary account is active for 30 days from the date of creation.

Last modified: 1/7/2019 4:11:55 PM