Discover and Migrate - EMC Networker Clients

Perform a Discovery

Run a discovery job from CommCell Console to collect EMC Networker configuration information and merge it into the CommServe database.

  • Prior to running your first discovery operation, you should perform a disaster recovery backup of all data.
  • An incremental discovery operation is the same as a full discovery so that all EMC Networker information will be collected.

Run a Discovery Immediately

  1. From the CommCell Console, right-click on the External Data Connector node, click New Instance, and select EMC Networker.

  2. Click OK.

    An instance, default backup set, and subclient are now created and ready for the discovery process.

  3. Right-click the subclient for which you want to discover EMC Networker data and click Discover.

    Ensure that Enable Discovery is selected in Subclient Properties (Activity Control).

  4. From the Job Initiation tab of the Discovery Options dialog box, select Immediate.

  5. Click OK.

    You can track the progress of the backup job from the Job Controller window. When the backup has completed, the Job Controller displays Completed.

Perform Your First Migration

After discovery is complete, you can migrate client nodes to the CommCell by installing the desired CommCell software components, such as the File System iDataAgent, on the previous EMC Networker clients. For complete details on installing CommCell components, see Client Installations.

You can choose to keep the original configuration of the migrated client computers or modify them to suit new needs and requirements. Once you are satisfied with the configuration, you can perform data protection and recovery operations for the client computer. Refer to the documentation for your components for detailed information on protecting and recovering data.


  • Prior to running backups, ensure that the subclients created do not contain any duplicate content.
  • By default, all discovered EMC Networker client computers migrate in a disabled state. This means that no CommCell licenses are consumed during the discovery process. When installing CommCell components onto the discovered client computers, the appropriate component license will be consumed during the installation process.
  • Legacy data that was previously backed up by EMC Networker Server is not discovered nor migrated by the External Data Connector. However, post-migration backup jobs using CommCell Console will protect and recover data that is specified and included in a subclient.



Last modified: 2/27/2018 8:26:24 PM