Getting Started for Commvault Edge Endpoint Solutions

Step 1: Before You Begin

Refer to the following information to learn more about the capabilities and requirements of Commvault Edge:

For Windows

For Macintosh

Step 2: Prepare the CommCell

Perform the following procedures to prepare your CommCell for laptop backup clients:

  1. Review the Prerequisites for Laptop Backup.
  2. Configure the location of the physical media where backed up data will be stored.
    See Creating a Storage Policy for Laptop Backup.
  3. Optional: Create a Client Group as a staging area to configure additional options on the laptop client before performing the first backup.
    See Creating an Additional Client Group For Laptop Backup.
  4. Create a backup scheduling template to apply to the laptop backup clients.
    See Creating a Schedule Policy for Laptop Backup.
  5. Schedule Synthetic Full backups.
    See Scheduling Synthetic Full Backups for Laptop Backup.
  6. Create a backup content template to apply to the laptop clients.
    See Creating a Subclient Policy for Laptop Backup.
    NOTE: Create a separate Subclient Policy for each operating system you support for laptop backup.
  7. Allow Active Directory domain users access to access the Web Console.
    Adding a Domain and Enabling SSO for Laptop Backup
  8. Optional: Firewall Configuration.

    See Firewall Configuration for Laptop Backup.

Step 3: Deployment

  1. Select a distribution and installation method for the laptop backup installation package.
    See Deployment for Laptop Backup.
  2. Create an installation package. See Creating a Laptop Backup Installation Package for
  3. Select one of the following:

Step 4: Laptop Backup Feature Configuration

Review the functionality of Laptop Backup and configure features appropriately for your environment:

Step 5: Data Loss Prevention Configuration

Configure Data Loss Prevention, a file-level security solution that prevents unauthorized access to data on laptop clients:

Step 6: Edge Drive Configuration

Configure Edge Drive, a cloud-based storage solution that enables users to access files from almost anywhere.

Step 7: Additional CommCell Feature Configuration

Decide whether you want to configure the following additional functionality:

Where to Go from Here

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