Configuring a Firewall Without Using a Proxy for Laptop Backup

When CommCell components are separated by a firewall, the components must be configured with the connection route to reach each other across the firewall. After the configuration, the components communicate through the firewall for all data management operations such as backup, browse and restore.

You can set up direct connections, where the client connects to the CommServe computer, by using one of the following methods:

  • Preferred Method: Using a predefined network topology

    If you want to simplify the amount of firewall configuration steps, you can use the predefined network topology for direct connections. This is useful if the connection is client group-to-client group.

  • Alternative Method: Using the traditional firewall configuration

    If the predefined network topology does not meet your needs, you can use the traditional configuration to set up direct connections. This method provides the steps to configure the Laptop Client group to open tunnel connections toward the CommServe and MediaAgent computers.


Choose one of the following methods that meets your requirements:

Preferred Method: Using a Predefined Network Topology

Alternative Method: Using Traditional Firewall Configurations

Last modified: 5/8/2019 3:38:27 PM