Edge Attachment Store

The Edge Attachment Store is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook for Windows that sends the file attachments in your Outlook email message to Commvault ObjectStore storage. When you send an email from Outlook, the add-in uploads the attachments in the email to the ObjectStore. After upload, the add-in replaces the attachment in the email message with links to preview or download the file from the ObjectStore.

The add-in provides the following key benefits:

  • The file attachments in the email are automatically moved to the ObjectStore and does not occupy space on the Exchange Server.
  • You can send large files as attachments in the email.
  • You can configure the add-in to move only the file attachments that are greater than a specific file size.
  • The file attachments in the ObjectStore are protected and can be restored at any time.

How It Works

The Edge Attachment Store is managed by the following components:

  • The outlook add-in ObjectStore

    You must first configure the ObjectStore that can store the attachments uploaded by the Outlook Add-In. The email user must be part of the user group associated with the ObjectStore client.

  • The Edge Attachment Store installation package

    After configuring the ObjectStore, you must install the Edge Attachment Store package on the user's computer.

    When the user sends an email, the add-in is triggered and scans the attachment list to see if there are any files qualified to be uploaded. The add-in skips the Inline attachments in the email message. After scanning the email, the qualified attachments are moved to the ObjectStore and the email message is send with links to the attachments in the ObjectStore .

Getting Started

To manage your email attachments using the Edge Attachment Store, see Configuring the Edge Attachment Store.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 4:57:22 AM