Edge Drive Quota Overview

Using the Edge Drive Quota feature, administrators can define and manage the space consumed by users on their Edge Drives.  A quota is the maximum amount of space that a user can use on Edge Drive. Administrators can assign quotas to external or CommCell users or user groups. By default, a user will have unlimited storage space on Edge Drive. When quota is set for the user group, the administrator can allow the user to inherit the settings of the user group or assign a different quota limit for the user.


Edge Drive Quota enforces the quote settings by actively notifying the administrators and users through automated email messages, and preventing new uploads and edits in Edge Drive for users who exceed the quota limit. Notification messages are sent according to these rules:

  • When the total amount of data in Edge Drive is more than 90 percent of the user's quota (but not more than 10 percent over the quota), the system sends a warning.
  • When the total amount of data in Edge Drive exceeds the user's quota by 10 percent or more, the system sends an alert.

Important: The system sends warning and alert notifications to the Edge Drive user once every 24 hours until the space used on Edge Drive is within the percentage defined for quota notifications.


Edge Drive users who have exceeded their quota (see Quota and Usage Calculations) by 10 percent cannot upload or edit files in their Edge Drive until they delete some files or folders and free up the storage space, or the administrator increases the Edge Drive quota for the user or user group.

Quota on Shared Data

When you share files and folders in Edge Drive, any changes to the size of the shared data consumes the quota of the share owner.

Last modified: 3/9/2018 7:29:55 PM