Edge Drive Quota and Usage Calculations

Calculation of effective quotas and Edge Drive usage follows the rules described here. An effective quota is the result of applying the calculations described here to one or more quota settings. It is the number actually enforced by the software.

Quota Calculation

Edge Drive quotas are set and enforced at the user level. Quotas are either set individually for a user, or inherited by the user from an external or CommCell group.

Levels at which Quotas are Set

Quotas can be set at these levels:

  • An individual user can be assigned a quota. See Setting a User-level Quota.
  • Being a member of external user groups causes the user to inherit a quota from those groups if the user has been configured to inherit them. See Setting Group-level Quotas.

    Setting quotas at the group level simplifies administration of quotas for a large number of Edge Drive users.

Determining a User's Effective Quota

The formula for calculating the effective quota for a user takes multiple factors into account. These are the rules:

  • By default, each user inherits a quota from an external or CommCell group.
    • If a user is a member of only one external or CommCell group, and that group has a quota, that is the quota for the user.
    • If a user is a member of more than one external or CommCell group for which a quota is set, the effective quota is the highest quota across all those groups. Groups for which no quota is set are ignored.
    • If the Inherit User Group Edge Drive Quota Settings option is cleared for a user, the calculation ignores any quotas set for groups of which the user is a member.
  • If a quota is set for a user name using the Enforce Edge Drive Quota option, the user has that quota regardless of any quotas set for groups the user is a member of.

Note: The Web Console does not display the Edge Drive Quota Usage progress bar for any user who has no effective quota based on the above rules.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 5:01:31 AM