Starting an On-Demand Backup with Edge Monitor

After installing the Laptop Backup software, backup operations will be automatically performed based on the schedule set by the Administrator, but you can monitor the backup jobs on your laptop using Edge Monitor that runs on the system tray. You can also view, control and initiate backup operations. Edge Monitor also includes a link to launch the Web Console.


  1. Start Edge Monitor.
  2. In Edge Monitor, click Backup Now.

    The job status changes to Backup in progress on Server. You can track the progress of the job in the Edge Monitor dialog box.

    If you paused the job, this option returns it to the running state. The job status changes to The backup job has been paused.

  3. Optional: Click Pause Backup.

    This option temporarily stops the job. The job status may change to Pausing.. for a few moments while the operation completes. Once completed, the job status then changes to The backup job has been suspended.

  4. To start the backup job after a delay of 1, 4 or 12 hours, click the Delay box, and then select the number of hours.
  5. To view the backup job details, in the Backup Section, click the icon.

Last modified: 3/1/2019 3:14:23 AM