Access Your Backed Up Files Using the Commvault Edge App on a Smart Device

Use a smart device to quickly browse or download your backed up files using the Commvault Edge app.

Operations You Can Perform

Browse Your Backup Files

You can access the data you backed up with Commvault from most smart devices. This application allows you to navigate through your clients in the CommCell and find your backup files using the search capability or by browsing the file system.

Download Your Backup Files

You can download your backup data directly from the client where it resides to your smart device. Once downloaded, the files can be opened from your device using applications that support the file type.

Share Your Backup Files

You can email your backup data to the people you want to share your files with.

View the Location of Your Clients

You can view the geographical location of your client computer where it was last seen, based on its IP address. This is useful to track the location of laptop clients.

View the Backup Status of Your Clients

You can view the backup summary details for each of your client computers, such as when the last backup was performed and when the next backup will be.

Upload Data from Your Device

You can upload files residing in your device, such as images and videos, to the clients available in the application.

Run On-Demand Backups (Only on Windows 8 Devices)

You can initiate a backup directly from your Windows 8 device. This is useful if backups are not performed on a scheduled basis.

Supported Devices

The following smart devices are supported:

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