Browsing Live Data (Live Browse) with Commvault Edge on Android Devices

Use the Commvault Edge app to browse the entire contents of your computer. Using this operation, referred to as Live Browse, you can see all of the files and folders on your computer, both backed up and non-backed up data.

When you perform a live browse, you can:

  • download files (file preview is not available)
  • export files to public directories, such as Dropbox or Google Drive
  • upload one or more files to an existing folder


  1. Under My Devices on the home screen, tap the client computer name.
  2. Tap Live Machine Data.
  3. Proceed as follows:

    If you want to...


    download the file to your local device and open the file

    Tap the icon next to the file and tap Download or tap the icon in the preview window.

    export a file

    Tap the icon next to the file and tap Export. Select the location where you want to download the file and tap Save.

    upload a file

    Navigate to the folder where you want to upload and tap the icon. Tap Files or Images and select the file or image to be uploaded.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 7:25:17 PM