Downloading Backed Up Files to Windows 8 Smart Devices

You can access the files that were backed up from any client computer you own.

Use the following steps to:

  • View backup data
  • Preview and download backup data to your local device

Perform other operations with the downloaded data, such as email or printYou can access the latest backup data from any client computer you own.

Note: The backup data available in the application is the data that was backed up from the default subclient of your client in the CommCell.


  1. From the home screen, under My Laptops, tap the client that contains the backup data you want to access.
  2. In the Details area, tap All Files to browse all of the backup data.

    To narrow down your browse, you can tap Photos if, for example, the file you are looking for is an image.

  3. Tap the drive name and navigate to the folder where the backup data is located.

    If you want to add the drive/folder to Favorites, cross-slide the drive/folder to select it and to display the menu bar. Then, tap the Favorite icon in the bottom right menu.

    Also, if you are already inside a drive or folder and you want to add all its contents to your favorites, then swipe from the bottom of the screen and tap Favorites from the menu bar.

  4. Cross-slide the file that you want to download and tap the Download icon in the bottom left menu. If you want to preview the file before downloading it, tap the file.

    While the preview opens the file inside the application, you can also open the file with other applications by tapping the Open File icon in the bottom left menu. Note that this operation will first download the file and then open it with the application you select.

    Any change that you make to the downloaded file is automatically uploaded to the client. The file will be in sync between your device and the client.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 7:39:21 PM