Adding Edge Drive as a Local Virtual Drive to Your Laptop

You can access your Edge Drive by adding a local virtual drive to your Windows laptops. The local virtual drive acts as a virtual location for accessing files that are stored and backed up in your Edge Drive.

Adding a local virtual drive for your Edge Drive provides the following key benefits:

  • The files in your local virtual drive do not consume actual disk space on your computer. This is very useful when there are space constraints on your laptops.
  • You can also easily transfer files and folders between the local virtual drive and your computer.
  • If you have multiple computers, you can configure a local virtual drive for the same Edge Drive on each of your computer and access and share your files across all of them.
  • Files in Edge Drive are protected, so you can retrieve deleted or previous versions of your files in the local virtual drive.
  • You can also preview the file contents directly in your local virtual drive.
  • Files added or modified in the local virtual drive are immediately visible on your Edge Drive in Web Console and other Edge Drive enabled device, and vice versa.

Before You Begin

Before you can perform the following procedure, ensure you have met the following requirements:


  1. In the notification area at the far right of the taskbar, right-click the Edge Monitor icon and then click Edge Drive.
  2. In the Drive section, click Configure, and then click Cloud. Alternatively, you can click the icon, and then click Cloud.
  3. In the Activating Cloud Edge Drive dialog box, enter your login credentials for the Web Console.
  4. From the Select Drive Letter box, select a drive letter for your Edge Drive and click Next.
  5. A message confirming Edge Drive setup is displayed. Click Finish.


A local virtual drive for your Edge Drive is added to your laptop. You can view all your Edge Drive contents directly from the local virtual drive.

When your laptop is offline, the local virtual drive is no longer accessible. However, when network connectivity is restored, the local virtual drive becomes accessible automatically.

Last modified: 3/1/2019 3:06:57 AM