Adding Comments and Replies to Files and Folders from the Web Console

You can add and reply to comments on files and folders in your Edge Drive from the Web Console.  You can also add and respond to comments on files or folders that are shared from an Edge Drive.

Using comments, you can reduce the overload on emails by having the complete history of the conversations saved next to the file or folder in the Web Console.

Remember: You can add comments only to the latest version of the file. Similarly, only the user who adds the comment has permissions to edit or remove the comment.

Before You Begin

For commenting shared data, make sure you have edit permissions on the shared file or folder.


  1. From the Web Console, access the file or folder for which you want to comment.
    • For Edge Drive files, see Access Your Edge Drive From the Web Console.
    • For shared files, on the My Data window, click the Shares tab at the top of the page, and click the shared file or folder.

      After you click a shared file, close the preview window.

  2. Do one of the following operations:

    To view the comments for a file or folder

    To add a comment

    To edit a comment

    To reply to a comment

    To remove a comment

Last modified: 9/11/2018 2:14:45 AM