Edge Drive Uploader Tool

Use the Edge Drive Uploader tool to upload files and folders automatically from multiple locations on your desktop or laptop to your Edge Drive.

The source upload path is mapped to a destination path on the Edge Drive.

After you log on and connect to your Edge Drive from the Uploader tool, you can map multiple folders from your local computer to any location on your Edge Drive, and then start your upload operation. Any subsequent changes that you make to the files and folders in the local upload folder are automatically uploaded to the destination path on your Edge Drive. You can also define filters to exclude specific file and folders from the upload operation.


The Edge Drive Uploader tool offers the following benefits:

  • You don't need to perform any configuration to the Edge Drive on your local computer.
  • You can upload files and folders from multiple locations.
  • You can change the destination path on your Edge Drive that you upload files and folders to.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 9:13:22 PM