InterSystems Caché Database Server Backups and Restores on a VMDK Volume

Follow these procedures when the InterSystems Caché database is on a VMDK volume.

You can use the Virtual Server Agent to perform an IntelliSnap backup of the virtual machines that contain the database.

Prepare the InterSystems Caché Database Server

  1. Install the appropriate software and perform the initial configuration. For information on the installation and configuration, see Getting Started for InterSystems Caché Databases on Virtual Servers.
  2. Configure a vCenter for the virtual machines in the configuration and enable it for IntelliSnap.

Back Up and Restore the InterSystems Caché Database

Complete the following procedures for the Caché database and journal files.

  1. Ask Epic for the scripts to freeze and thaw the databases.

    Note: Epic typically sends these scripts with the initial software delivery of the installation package. The pre-script is called Instfreeze and the post-script is called Instthaw.

  2. Create an Intersystems Caché Database Subclient for a Virtual Server Configuration.
  3. Perform a IntelliSnap backup on the subclient. The Commvault software automatically freezes the databases, takes a snapshot of the databases and then thaws the databases. The Commvault software creates a backup copy from the snapshot.
  4. Create a Backup Copy of the database backup.
  5. Restore the database.

Last modified: 1/9/2018 2:39:56 PM