Initial Installation and Configuration for MEDITECH

Step 1: Review the Prerequisites for MEDITECH

Refer to the following prerequisites:

  • The MEDITECH Backup Intermediary (MBI) must be pre-configured on one or multiple servers, depending on your environment. If you do not know the IP addresses of the MBI servers, then you must contact MEDITECH or your third-party integrator prior to starting Commvault configuration.
  • For VMware-based systems, all data drives must be presented to the virtual machines as Physical compatibility mode Raw Device Mappings (RDMs). Virtual-mode RDMs and VMDKs are not supported by MEDITECH or Commvault.
  • If your storage array only supports Fiber Channel, a physical MediaAgent with a Fiber Channel HBA must be used as the backup proxy for MEDITECH. Virtual machines are not supported as a proxy unless iSCSI is available on the array.

Step 2: Review Requirements and Supported Features

Refer to the following information to learn more about the requirements for the MediaAgent, and the supported features:

Step 3: Review the Supported MEDITECH Configurations

For more information, see Supported MEDITECH Configurations.

Step 4: Install the File System Agent with the MediaAgent

For more information, see preinstallation checklist for the Windows File System Agent and the MediaAgent.

The operating system must be Windows 2012 or later.

Step 5: Select the Storage Array

For more information, see Selecting the Storage Array.

Step 6: Install the MEDITECH Backup Facilitator Utility on a Commvault Host

The Commvault software uses the MEDITECH Backup Facilitator (MBF) utility. The MBF executable file (mbf64.exe) must reside in the existing system path or the Commvault base folder on the MediaAgent that the software uses when it performs the data protection operations.

Perform one of the following operation to ensure that MEDITECH Backup Facilitator utility is in the existing System path or the Commvault base folder.

  • Include the MEDITECH Backup Facilitator utility folder in the system path
  • Copy the MEDITECH Backup Facilitator utility to the Commvault base folder

Step 7: Prepare for Your First Backup and Restore

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. Configure a Storage Device.
  3. If you have not done so already, configure a storage policy for the MEDITECH data.
  4. Create a snapshot copy.
  5. Configure a backup copy.
  6. Decide whether you want the following additional functionality:

Step 8: What to Do Next

Configure Data Retention and Data Aging for your data. For more information, see Data Aging - Getting Started.

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