MEDITECH Configuration

You can use the Windows File System Agent to protect your MEDITECH data in a consistent manner across storage media of any type. Once you install the software, enable and configure the MEDITECH options. Create a backup set for the MEDITECH data and then create a subclient for each MEDITECH Backup Intermediary (MBI). You can perform a block-level backup on the MEDITECH subclient to protect your data.

Before You Begin

If you upgraded the client from Commvault Version 10, enable Indexing Version 2 on the client. See Upgrading Clients to Indexing Version 2.


  1. Enable the MEDITECH feature.
  2. Enable the Client for IntelliSnap.
  3. Create a Schedule policy for the MEDITECH data backup
  4. Create a Backup Set.
  5. Create a Subclient.

    Include all the dependent MEDITECH systems in the subclient.

Last modified: 2/20/2020 6:56:08 AM