Service Operations

To prepare the resources needed by tenants to join the service provider, complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Branding your self-service interface

Optional: To change the branding images and settings for the service provider, see Changing the Branding Settings.

Step 2: Set Up Custom Package Distribution

To set up the custom package distribution, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a common Edge Endpoint installation package that can be shared by multiple tenants using authorization code.

    When the tenant installs the package, the tenant computer will be associated with the service provider.

    For instructions, see Creating an End-User Laptop Package.

  2. Create a repository on the Download Center, and add the package to the repository.

    For instructions, see Distributing the Install Package Using the Download Center.

  3. Configure direct links to the End-User installation Package.

    For instructions, see Configuring Links to the End-User Installation Package.

Step 2: Set Up Customizations

For instructions, see Customization in the Command Center.

Tenants can now join the service provider.

Step 3: Configure Access to Web Console

Configure the Web Console to communicate with the CommServe computer through the proxy.

For instructions, see Configuring Access to the Web Console Through the Commvault Proxy.

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