Configuration for the InterSystems Caché Database

The following configuration is required to back up the  InterSystems Caché database.

  1. Create a script that freezes the InterSystems Caché database.
  2. Create a script that thaws the InterSystems Caché database.
  3. Configure the client for IntelliSnap.
  4. Create 3 subclients.
    1. Create a subclient that contains the drives that contain the database. You perform an IntelliSnap backup on this subclient.
    2. Create a subclient that has the content (Subclient Properties dialog box, Content tab) as the root volume and configure the subclient for 1-Touch.

      Windows Configurations

      UNIX Configurations

    3. Best Practice: Create a subclient that contains the journal files.

Last modified: 1/9/2018 2:19:19 PM