Creating an Intersystems Caché Database Subclient for a Virtual Server Configuration

Create a subclient that contains all the virtual machines where the Caché databases are installed.

Before You Begin

Create a storage device.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server > VMware.
  2. Right-click the backup_set, point to All Tasks, and then click New Subclient.

    The Create New Subclient dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the General tab, specify the following settings:
    1. In the Subclient Name box, type a name.
    2. Optional: To use a transport mode other than Auto, from the Transport Mode for VMware list, select the transport mode.

      For more information, see Transport Modes for VMware.

  4. On the Content tab:
    1. Click Browse.
    2. Navigate to one or more virtual machines and select all the machines that have the Caché databases installed.
    3. Click OK.

      The selected virtual machines are displayed in the Contents of subclient list.

  5. On the IntelliSnap Operation tab, configure the IntelliSnap properties.
    1. Select the IntelliSnap check box.
    2. From the Available Snap Engines list, select a snap engine .

      Note: Select the Clone version of the array (for example, Dell EMC VNX / CLARiiON Dell EMC VNX / CLARiiON SnapView Clone).

      For a complete list of supported clone array, seeIntelliSnap Support.

    3. From the Use Proxy list, select the MediaAgent that performs backup copy operations .
    4. From the Select ESX server for snap mount list, select the host that the software mounts the snapshot on.


      • The ESX server version installed on the hostserver must be the same as or higher than the ESX server version installed on the production server. For example, if the production server has ESX 5.0, the selected host must be ESX 5.0 or higher.
      • The ESX server that is used for the snap mount must be part of the same vCenter where the IntelliSnap backup was performed.

      To mount a hardware snapshot to a proxy ESX server that is part of a VMware cluster, configure the nClusterMount additional setting on the Virtual Server Agent proxy to ensure that snapshots are properly unmounted when the operation is completed. All ESX servers in the cluster are scanned when snapshots are unmounted.

Note: The nClusterMount additional setting is valid for V11 but might not be found using the Lookup option. You can enter this additional setting manually with the following parameters: Name = nClusterMount; Category = VirtualServer; Type = Integer; Value = 1. If you see a warning that the setting is not valid for the current release, click Yes to continue, then make sure that the Value is set to 1 before saving the results.

  1. To use the source computer when the proxy computer is unreachable, select the Use source if proxy is unreachable check box.
  2. Click OK to close the Advanced Subclient Properties dialog box.
  1. On the Storage Device tab, from the Storage Policy list, select the storage policy to use for backups.
  2. Click OK.

Last modified: 3/1/2019 3:22:10 AM