NFS ObjectStore Management from the CommCell Console

Manage NFS ObjectStores from the CommCell Console.

Add an NFS ObjectStore client when you want to create a new NFS ObjectStore.

When you add an NFS ObjectStore client, Commvault software creates a pseudo-client for the NFS ObjectStore that contains the following entities:

  • A default backup set
  • A backup set that has the same name as the NFS ObjectStore client

    This backup set contains a subclient that has the same name as the backup set. Use this subclient to manage point-in-time views of the NFS ObjectStore.

  • An NFS share with same name as the NFS object store client. Users access content in the NFS Object Store using this NFS share

After you add the client, you can manage the NFS ObjectStore from the CommCell Console by performing operations on the subclient that the software created for the NFS ObjectStore.

Users access the NFS ObjectStore share by mounting the associated NFS share on their client by using the NFS protocol. After users mount the share, they can add, modify, or delete content by using native operating system commands and APIs. The data added by the user is continuously copied to the Content Store.

Share Management

You can perform the following management operations from the CommCell Console:

  • Create a NFS ObjectStore
  • Delete a NFS ObjectStore
  • Update a NFS ObjectStore
  • Create point-in-time views of NFS ObjectStore's share that reflects the data for the specified time
  • View all point-in-time views
  • Update point-in-time views
  • Delete point-in-time views

Last modified: 6/8/2020 3:15:44 PM