Updating the NFS ObjectStore Share

You can update the properties of the NFS ObjectStore such as versioning, and allowing or removing client access to the share.

When you create a NFS ObjectStore, the software automatically creates a subclient policy.

You can modify the subclient that is associated with the subclient policy when you want to update the NFS ObjectStore share. Name of the subclient policy is the same as NFS ObjectStore.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Subclient Policies > policy.
  2. Right-click the subclient, and then click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the Server tab, specify the updated share details:
    1. To allow versioning, select the Enable Versions check box.

      Note: If NFSV3 clients need access to the share, then do not select this check box

    2. On the NFS Clients tab, specify the new client access information:
      • To make this share accessible by any client, select All Clients.
      • To allow specific clients access to the share, select Custom. Then, in the box, type the IP addresses or host names of all clients that can access the NFS ObjectStore share, and then click Add.

        Separate the IP address or host names with a ",".

        The clients do not need to be configured in CommCell Console.

      • To remove client access to the share, in the NFS Clients box, select the clients, and then click Delete.
    3. In the Access area, select the access option, for example, Read/Write.
  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 6/3/2020 3:15:57 AM