Updating Properties of a Point-In-time View




  • ConfigureObjectStore -o update_snap -n <Object Store Name> -p <Mount Path> -c <Allowed Clients > [-h]

    To include backup filters in the command, use the following command:

    ConfigureObjectStore -o update -n <Object Store Name> [-c Allowed clients] [-a Access Permission (RW/RO)] [-V Versions enabled flag] [-S Squashing Type] [-u anonuid] [-g anongid] [-C Copy Precedence] [-A ACL enable flag <1|0>] [-D Retention: Minimum Days to retain Deleted Items] [-v Retention: Minimum versions to retain] [-d Retention: Minimum days to retain the older versions] [-F Backup filter] [-h]


The update_snap option updates the point-in-time view properties.

Use this option when additional clients need access to the NFS ObjectStore point-in-time view, or to change the point-in-time name.

The table lists the options that the software supports.




The NFS ObjectStore name.


A comma separated list of IP Addresses or host names that can access the NFS ObjectStore.

Specify the clients that can access the point-in-time NFS ObjectStore over NFS protocol.

The clients do not need to be configured in CommCell Console.

To make this NFS ObjectStore accessible to any client, use for IPv4 and :: for IPv6 as the client IP address.


The mount point path.

This is the point-in-time NFS ObjectStore share that you want to update.


  • The following command updates a point-in-time NFS ObjectStore. In this example, the parameters are listed on the command line.

    ./ConfigureObjectStore -o update_snap -n userTest –p /userTest-1496271338 -c,

  • The following command is used to modify filters that must be excluded from the backup operations:

    ./ConfigureObjectStore -o update -n OraTest2 -F "txt,jpeg,bmp"

  • The following command is used to remove filters that were added:

    ./ConfigureObjectStore -o update -n OraTest2 -F ""

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